Thursday, January 8, 2015

FIFA 15, lol...

FIFA 15, Stop Complaining

About FUT Flaws, First of all, the negativity recently about FIFA has been overbearing. I'd like to address some of the major problems that are constantly posted here. Do not complain.


1. I'm sick of seeing people complain about Ibarbo, Emineke, Doumbia etc. They're cheap and fast players, people are going to use them. They are not gods, I don't have trouble defending them. They're just like any other fast striker I've ever had to defend against. Also I barely ever come across an opponent that even uses these players (Maybe 1 in 10 games).

2. Please stop complaining about the game mechanics. I'm mainly talking about the goal keepers glitching and making awful attempts for the ball. I know EA said they made the keepers better and whether it was a lie or they failed (I don't really care) it is what it is. We all deal with the same glitchy mechanics together, it's not just you.

3. Stop posting screenshots saying you got "EA'd" because you have 20 shots on goal and your opponent only has 2 but he won 1-0. Just because you have more shots doesn't mean you played better. You probably took shots from 18 yards out where the chances of scoring them are significantly lower than your opponent who passed it in front of your keeper for the easy tap in. It's called making the most of your chances and not wasting them.

4. Stop complaining about pack luck, but you can buy FIFA coins. When you buy a pack it is a gamble. It's like going to a casino. You're not promised anything when you purchase that pack. The odds are not in your favor on purpose to get you to spend hundreds of dollars. EA only cares about money. That's it and you've just got to accept that fact.

5. Lastly, don't forget that this is a video game. It's supposed to be fun. I get it, people like being competitive and there's nothing wrong with that but there's a point at which you have to step back from all the raging and complaining and evaluate if you're going too far. Too far for a game that is known to glitch out and not always work the way its supposed to. You can argue that since you pay for the game that you have the right to complain...well you don't. Unless this is your first FIFA everyone knows that all the bullshit that's in this edition is the same bullshit that was in the last one. I bought FIFA 15 full well knowing that it was going to have glitches and all these issues because the last four FIFAs did as well. Every year we encounter the same issues with ultimate team and FIFA as a whole. Sure the problems may not be exactly the same but there's always a long list of issues. If you have a problem with the game then don't buy it. Otherwise, just enjoy it. In the end it's just a game and before you know it the next one will be out and all of your hard work and frustration will mean nothing, all you will have are the memories of you playing the game to look back on. So don't let those memories only being angry ones. Sit back, relax and just enjoy the game.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

FIFA 15 Career Mode Needs Visual Improvements

I play FIFA Career Mode since 2008 and this year is the first year career mode irritates me. We are now in the so called 'next-generation' console games but FIFA is sticking in the past. The main future career mode got this year was the new interface and timewasting. Personally I like the new interface and hate timewasting. I just played a game West Ham United - Crystal Palace. Score 1-1, 78th minute. Crystal Palace decides to waste some time at the corner flag resulting in 12 game minutes frustration. It's almost impossible to get the ball back and set up a decend attack. All that happens during timewasting is throw ins and corners.
buy fifa 15 coins ps4 is needed in this game online.

Now I'll sum up my suggested improvements.

- Realistic attacks

All teams in career mode attack the same way. Yes you can pressure higher up or do a counter attack, but a counter attack never feels like a counter attack. I want those Real Madrid and Dortmund like switch from slow pace to high pace counters.

- Realistic defending

This is something that irritates me. EA says that FIFA 15 feels the game and "it just got real". Look at defending. Not defence, but playter-to-player defending. Not a single player defends his target, neither closing up. When I have a goalkick I can easily give a long ball to my RW and I can easily take control on the ball. While in real life there is constantly contact between players off the ball. I don't see that in FIFA 15.

- Increase and decrease of income, fans, sponsors etc.

I like to start in the 3th or 4th division of England and make my 1 star team a Champions Cup winner. But I miss those 2006, 2008 options to upgrade my stadium, trainingground etc. I want to play in a small stadium to make money to build a bigger one. Just some standard upgrades are fine but the engine of FIFA Manager where you can build your own stadium would be perfect. Just like new sponsor contracts. I'm that type of guy that plays seasons with one team until 2024. But there is never a sponsor switch. Then we have the point we all had. Losing 3 or 4 games in a row. When you play with Arsenal or Manchester United or whatever, losing 4 games in a row means there will be less supporters in a stadium. Same like a cup game Arsenal - Ball over the Fence FC. But still the Emirates Stadium is sold out.

- Creation Centre

I liked the creation centre concept and would love to see this in career mode. For example, pay 2,5 million pound to design a new away kit for the new seasons. Implementing this wouldn't be that hard, will it? Maybe you can create a new stadium here too.

- Supporter

This FIFA supporters had a upgrade but i'm not that impressed. Only in the Premier League they added some chants, but it's still not the ambience as in a real game. Also, those random flags in the long side of the stadium botter me. Just like those copy paste flags at the bordings and why is everyone wearing a football shirt of their fifa club? Look at a real stadium mostly the fanatic supporters wear the kits, others are just casual dressed.

Besides the improvements gameplay wise these visual improvement will make the game better. Do you agree?

FIFA 15 Bugs

Over the last few days I've experienced some weird fifa 15 bugs on ultimate team. It's not with the gameplay but it's with the notification system / transfer market.

To start off, someone won a legend on fifa PS4? It's a bit blury but on the right hand side of my TV is says someone won the fifa Legend Owen.

FIFA 15 Bugs

The next glitch I found was this morning, someone won team of the year Messi but the positioning surprised me. CM? And it also says they won a "Team of the week" player, if this is totw, I can't imagine what the toty would look like.

FIFA 15 bug 1

The final glitch I found was that there's a fifa player called 'FakePlayer' with a 86 rating. There are also 2 more 'FakePlayers' that I found also.


Have you guys noticed these weird bugs yet? Just thought I'd share this because it seems interesting.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Trading Tips for FIFA 15

I tried to get this going following release but then couldn't post for ages so it sort of died!

Still had success doing this without the forum but if we all got together could probably make it work better

Does anyone do this on FIFA 15 PC?

I've got roughly 800k at the minute and probably looking at investing in Cazorla but just waiting to see how far his price goes down if 50k/100k packs come tomorrow before 6 pm

At the minute he is around 130k fifa 15 coins with the odd ones just below that - I would say at least 200k is reasonable

My best sale from this method was a SIF De Gea for 300k FIFA 15 Coins that I picked up for 120k - Still no idea how that happened but not complaining!

Copied from the FIFA xbox trading thread

IF Trading Guidlines

So after some thought i have decided to re-write the guidlines for this. Please read and please take note.

The method works by a large amount of cards being placed on the market at an inflated price. It relies on lazy buyers who use the console (not proven) who do not take the time to search for the lowest price on FIFA players. They search the market and see all the fifa 15 players up at a set price and buy a player, thinking that must be his going rate. There are plenty of theories on why this works, but that's the one i'm going with! THIS IS NOT PRICE-FIXING OR 'INVESTING'.

- Please do not argue with each other! The thread will be locked if this occurs.

- Sticking together with prices etc will help each other make coins and keep bickering to a minimum.

- All cards dealt with are 'cheap' IF's, please keep the thread on topic where possible.

- This thread has now evolved slightly to including none discard IF's aswel. Prices should be discussed and agreed on.

- Only ever buy fifa TOTW players on the Monday/Tuesday at the EARLIEST. Do NOT buy current TOTW players before this time.

- The ONLY time it is acceptable to buy FIFA players in the current TOTW BEFORE Monday/Tuesday is when they are already discard price. This is sub 11k at a maximum.

- Stick to 8-10 cards of the same player. No more no less. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and invest in more than 10 where possible, incase there is an unexpected crash or complication with a player. He get's a SIF etc...

FIFA 15 Trading

- When you sell a card, replace it with another where possible. It's always encouraging to post pics of your sales if you can. This keeps others up to date on sale prices and also helps others who may not have had a sale yet.

- As stated, this relies on a modicum of luck. This is not a quick flip method for making coins and does require some patience/faith. So do not start this method if you cannot spare the coins. Sales may come in the first hour, they may require a few days. This is not an exact science but it does work.

- Chem Cards and Position changes are not required but MAY help with a sale. I would also advise to buy fresh cards for attacking players but it is NOT necessary.

- Stick to the buy prices you agree on. Buying too high will reduce the profit margins for everyone (including yourself).

- Above all, respect one another.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Buy FIFA 15 coins for the coming FUTmas Pack.

There are a short questions and answers guide. Make smart preparation of FIFA 15 coins for the coming FUTmas Pack.

Q: What is FUTMas?
A: FUTMas is an initiative created by EA Sports to celebrate the Christmas season. During the FUTMas there is a new Happy Hour or a new tournament every day.

Q: When is FUTMas?
A: Every year, during the Christmas season. In FIFA 15, it takes place between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: Are there Daily Gifts during the FUTMas?
A: Yes. Daily Gifts are assigned every day between December 19th and January 2nd.

Q: What is the schedule of FUTMas for FIFA 15?
A: It is announced only when it happens. To know all the Happy Hours check the following chapter.

Q: FUTMas and '15 Days of FIFA' are the same thing?
A: No. The only thing they have in common is that they are released during the Christmas season. During the '15 Days of FIFA', EA Sports offers special gifts to the followers of their social channels.

Q: Which Happy Hours are expected to occur during FUTMas?
A: From the experience of previous years, the following packs should be released:

Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
Mega Packs (35k)
Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
Rare Consumables Packs (20k)
Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k)
Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
Gold 13 Packs (5k)
Consumables Packs (3k)

Q: Are there new packs during FUTMas?
A: Yes. Gold 13 Packs and Premium Gold 13 Packs are only available only during FUTMas. They are just like Gold Packs and Premium Gold Packs, for the same price, but with an extra free card.

Q: When will 100k packs be released?
A: In the previous years, 100k packs were released on December 26th and January 2nd. We think they will be released again on these two days.

Q: It is possible to know which packs will be released on which days?
A: No. We can only speculate on the basis of what happened in previous years:

December 19 to december 24
Gold 13 Packs (5k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k)
December 25
Mega Packs (35k)
December 26
Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Mega Packs (35k), Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
December 27 to December 31
Premium Gold Players Packs (25k), Rare Consumables Packs (20k), Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (15k), Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k)
January 1
Jumbo Rare Players Packs (100k)
January 2
Premium Gold 13 Packs (7.5k), Gold 13 Packs (5k)

Q: Is there any limit on the amount of packs we can buy?
A: Yes. The limits are the usual ones. You can see them here. However, on Boxing Day (December 26th), there isn't an individual limit. There are global limited quantities which means that whoever comes first is the first to be served. The lighting rounds take place every three hours and the best packs are usually the last ones to be released.

Q: How different are the tournaments released during the FUTMas?
A: They have better prizes.

Q: How FUTMas affects the market?
A: The FUTMas has a significant impact on the FUT 15 market, especially on days when the best packages are released (December 26th and January 2nd). On these days lots of packs are sold and many new gamers start playing the game. There are more cards on the market and the prices are lower. Usually the prices drop more than 20%, which means that you can buy cards and sell them shortly after by very considerable profit margins.

Q: How to profit with FUTMas? When should I sell and buy cards?
A: It is very easy to make FIFA coins during the FUTMas. You just need to sell and buy at the right time. Don't buy packs. Take the chance to build a better squad or to buy low and sell higher.
For someone less experienced, the best thing to do is to sell everything as soon as possible and (re)buy the cards during Happy Hours featuring 100k packs. The prices will be higher a few days after the biggest happy hours, even with TOTY coming (January 12th).
We suggest to the most experienced gamers to pay attention to the estimated dates for the FUTMas' Happy Hours in order to buy and sell the cards several times during this period.